Why WordPress?

WordPress is an immensely functional platform that is search engine friendly (Google loves WordPress) and easy for non-techies to edit and maintain. Google loves WordPress because the content is (usually) kept fresh, it is organized into categories (if desired), and because it promotes interaction by allowing viewers to comment on posts.

Now before that little voice in your head starts screaming “Blog! Blog! Blog!”, let me explain why WordPress is such an outstanding platform. Sure, in the beginning it was developed for bloggers, but advancements in recent years have transformed it into a Content Management System, or CMS.

A Content Mangement System is exactly what it sounds like. It is a system that manages your content. Your content is easily sorted, arranged, and navigated without having to develop flow charts or write code. Organization into categories is EASY and WordPress keeps track of things FOR you. So, once set up, the site owner can add articles, images, how-to’s, sales letters, videos, and virtually any kind of content, by interacting with an administration panel that behaves like a simple word processor. IF, and that’s a big IF, the site owner wants to implement code to further arrange or structure content, that is also doable, but definitely NOT necessary. All of this is attached to a database that runs in the background, but the site owner never has to touch that. You log in, add your content, and press Publish!

This kind of system for a website is ideal for marketers, small business, private contractors, teachers and professors, interpreters, artists, consultants, and other freelance individuals. In addition, your site can have multiple contributors, with different levels of security. If you want more than one person at your company to be able to add to the site, it is easy to create additonal users with different levels of capabilities.

There IS a bit of a learning curve in setting WordPress up properly though. Making it visually pleasing, and shaping the structure so that it will serve its purposes for a long time to come, can be challenging, to say the least. Once set up, the WordPress admin area is the site owner’s (or company’s) own private studio for publishing on the Web!

About the Author

Linda Carruth is an illustrator and designer who enjoys creating new art, amateur photography, and riding her motorcycle. Her professional work can be seen at her company site, lwwallace.com. Her motorcycle, humorous, and motivational designs are available at MadDashRiot.com, LinesByDesignBoutique.com, and at MadDashRocket.com. Home decor and fine art items can be purchased at Carruth Creative Art & Gifts and on Fine Art America.