Who Benefits From Our Services?

Our custom designed blogs are perfect for all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more. This is not a replacement for standard Web design in all cases, it is for smaller businesses and individuals who need a low cost professional solution that they can contribute to themselves. It sounds like a tall order, but it assuredly is not. A well-designed, well-structured blog can be the perfect place to service and grow your clientele.


These sites are perfect for affiliate marketers and Amazon niche site owners. A single license version of the popular Amaz-One plugin (Amazon product poster) is included with each site, if desired. Other Amazon related plugins are included (as desired), with a single site license. The premium themes we use have many places set aside for additional ads, like Google Adsense, Market Health, Commisssion Junction, Clickbank, or any others. Or use them for ads for your own offers. If your site becomes popular, you can sell ad space. This function is very easy to use, and how many or how few ad spaces you utilize is entirely up to you.

Small Business

Several possibilties come to mind for small businesses. Show your products and tell about them. Replace your old, dated web site with something that looks up to date, that you or your employees can add to easily.

Or, use a blog setup to tell your customers (and prospective customers) what your company has been up to. Have you won an award? Have you completed a difficult custom job of some kind? Do you have a trade show coming up? Write about them and easily link to your existing web site. Google loves blogs, so this is a good way to drive some more traffic. ANYONE in your company can handle this. Give it to one person to manage, giving them the content to add. Or have several people be able to contribute. Each person can have their own user login. The beauty of WordPress is options.

It is easy to reverse things, too. Say for instance you have an employee contributing to the blog, and they leave or are terminated. You can delete their contributions, or just delete their user informaton and attribute their posts to another author. Make it clear ahead of time, that any contributions to the blog are the literal and intellectual property of the company.

This is a very versatile solution that can serve your company for years to come.

Independents of All Kinds.

Create a blog presence to draw in more customers. Write about what you know and about information that existing and prospective customers need to know. Are there things to watch out for? Or tips you can provide? Provide courteous information, along with your contact information, of course. A blog can break the ice and develop rapport. And trust.

If desired, users can comment, which enables an interactive conversation.

This is a great solution for many, but just to name a few:

  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Doctors, Dentists, and Labs
  • Home Health Professionals
  • Interpreters
  • Social Workers
  • Accountants
  • Realtors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • IT Professionals

Again, this solution may not be everything to everyone. A consultation is needed to determine needs and appropriate services. For more complex needs, a static web site may be needed instead, but a blog in addition to a website can do wonders for promotion and engagement.

Adjunct Professors

Do you need a presence online for your students? Online content can be a great added convenience for your students, and for YOU. Or, if you teach online using a system like Blackboard, you may need a place to deliver some content without the confines of date restricted delivery. When a class is over, students lose access to your material on Blackboard. And besides, Blackboard can be uncooperative with some kinds of content. You can archive and deliver your content online and even showcase student work (with their signed written permission, of course). A blog can also be a protected, structured way to keep in touch with students (if you want to, that is). They can comment on your posts, and you can comment back, if you choose to utilize that functionality. Sometimes, discussions of subject matter or industries may be ongoing.

Interpreters and Tutors

Do you work with more than one school or college? Showcase your abilities and accomplishments, and make your services known. Then, when you have a new prospect, send them to your website. A website can be a wonderful introduction to your services, and as a blog, it can be a good place to stay connected to those you serve as well as a place you can provide extra resources for them.

Creative Professionals

Artists, designers, photographers, and print-on-demand shop proprietors can always benefit from some smart promotion. We use a couple premium themes that have some nice features for portfolios. (My portfolio is my company site, at lwwallace.com.)

Write about your accomplishments, tricky or challenging problem jobs for which you found solutions, or just promote your services. Brag about a recent award you won or a sale of your art or photographs. If you already have a website, or are on some of the online portfolio sites, a little more promotion and some links to your work can help get the word out. One of the unfortunate things about being on one of those portfolio sites is all the other artists you are competing with for attention. Why not have your own website?

Print On Demand Shop Proprietors

If you manage a store on CafePress or Zazzle, or any other print-on-demand service (Red Bubble, Society 6, Threadless, Fine Art America, Image Kind, etc.), you know you need a blog to promote your designs. Blogger can be a good option, but if you over optimize, or use too many outgoing links, you can have your blog disabled without warning. Many of you already have your own blogs, but for those who do not, and may not know where to start, or just don’t have the time, having one built for you may be a viable option. You can even have a Pinterest-style theme for your blog that really showcases your designs.

About the Author

Linda Carruth is an illustrator and designer who enjoys creating new art, amateur photography, and riding her motorcycle. Her professional work can be seen at her company site, lwwallace.com. Her motorcycle, humorous, and motivational designs are available at MadDashRiot.com, LinesByDesignBoutique.com, and at MadDashRocket.com. Home decor and fine art items can be purchased at Carruth Creative Art & Gifts and on Fine Art America.