What Can YOU Do With a WordPress Site?

The WordPress admin area allows for more control than can be listed here. Some controls are best left to developers, but there are many controls that non-techies can utilize easily. Some of them are listed below. Keep in mind, much of this will be set up FOR you with the initial build, but you can make changes.

  • Add articles in a familiar word-processing environment (Visual pane). You have buttons for bold and italic, adding links, and adding media (images and video).
  • Add articles with some HTML code (Text pane). There are even buttons for formatting lists. If you don’t know HTML, no worries, just use the easy Visual environment instead.
  • Decide whether or not readers can comment, and how to handle that if the answer is yes.
  • Add advertising in various sizes. You can add your own affiliate ads, Google Adsense, sell ad space, etc. Easy as copy and paste.
  • Posts can be organized into categories. You create/choose the categories, write the posts, and the software organizes them for you.
  • Pages can be created that are not organized into categories. Pages are separate from the posts and categories, usually for content that needs to remain at the forefront of your navigation.
  • Setup up your articles to publish at a future date.
  • Make an article “stick” to the home page.
  • Add widgets to the Sidebar or Footer. There’s even a widget for plain text.
  • Add plug-ins for additional functionality. Many plug-ins are free.
  • Add custom menus, or add to the ones set up for you. Drag and drop.
  • Set up multiple users with different user names and passwords. If someone leaves the fold, you can delete their user information and attribute their posts to another author.
  • Define roles, or different levels of functional abilities, for users you set up.


Couldn’t You Just Set Up Your Own WordPress Site?

Yes, you can. The information is out there, but there’s quite a learning curve involved with setting up a WordPress site. We have been building self-hosted (hosted domain) WordPress sites since 2007.

We have had sites hacked. We have had hosting nightmares. Some hosts are good for some things and not for others. Having a cPanel host is a must for some things and debatable for others. Add on domains. Customer Service, and how they react (and help, or not) with different situations. Cron Job capabilties. MySQL databases. It’s hard to know what you need and what you don’t need if you don’t have any experience.

We can help sort out some of the hosting needs, but we do not control that for you. You own your domain, too. We can advise and help, but we never hold your domain hostage like some companies do. WE CAN’T because we will never own it in the first place. You are in control.

It’s no fun having a site hacked. It took a lot of trial and error, heavy on the error, to finally find a reasonably safe method for locking down a blog. See our Security article.

So, to summarize, you can skip over all those panic-inducing nightmares that come with that initial learning curve, and be presented with a professionally designed website. And, we’ll show you how to add your own fresh content to it. Easily.

About the Author

Linda Carruth is an illustrator and designer who enjoys creating new art, amateur photography, and riding her motorcycle. Her professional work can be seen at her company site, lwwallace.com. Her motorcycle, humorous, and motivational designs are available at MadDashRiot.com, LinesByDesignBoutique.com, and at MadDashRocket.com. Home decor and fine art items can be purchased at Carruth Creative Art & Gifts and on Fine Art America.