Our Design Experience Shows

Design experience matters. If you want to have a website where users can find the information and products they are looking for, in a pleasing and organized layout, you need an experienced web designer. You need good navigation, a scalable framework so you can grow, and other vital website necessities to make the site marketable and flexible well into the future.

Sadly, there are ready-made sites available out there for purchase that claim to be what you need, but are far from it. Private Label Rights (PLR) sites and Amazon Mini Sites are MADE to sell. Neither are organized well enough to be practical working sites.

No one wants to spend money on an inferior product, and certainly not on one inferior product after another. Made-to-sell mini sites and PLR sites are inferior products with limited usability and no shelf life. Purchasing a superior product will save you more money than the price of our services.

Made-to-Sell Websites

The made-to-sell mini sites are not responsive, meaning the layout does not adjust for the different-sized screens on mobile devices. Often, the layout is very narrow like it was created in the World Wide Web stone age, like something from the 1990s.

PLR (Private Label Rights) Websites

PLR sites may have some nice thumbnails and a few categories, but once you add more content, that cute layout, that “look” developed to sell to you, is broken. The articles are old; they are freely distributed poorly written junk. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

Benefit From Our Mistakes

We have had many of these types of sites. Adding to them, trying to organize and streamline the process, was agonizing. The very process was frustrating. We struggled with them. The themes had no versatility at all and no way to organize varied content on the home page. There were not enough places for ads and no choices for layouts and color schemes.

This is precisely why we created our own setups using versatile premium themes that we could tailor to any use. All those purchased sites are gone now, replaced by these new setups. In addition, our sites provide a better user experience; a better experience for you, and a better experience for your customer, which incidentally is one of the things Google rewards.

Bad user experience = Big G not happy

If Big G is not happy with your site, it gets de-indexed, and it’s not easy to bring it back.

A Premium Theme is a Must

There are free themes and premium themes. Free themes are highly corruptible and highly hackable. And you don’t know who built them and what they have built INTO them that could jeopardize your business. There are unscrupulous people out there. Premium themes cost money, but premium themes:

  • Are reliable and safe
  • Are fully responsive (adapt to mobile device screens)
  • Have a structured layout and other features
  • Will perform for years into the future
  • Will not corrupt like free themes
  • Have more plugin compatibility
  • Are built to suit your purposes, not to be sold to you.
  • And remember this: Free themes often break when WordPress is updated

If you like, things like author, post date, tags, and category can be removed from (hidden on) pages and posts. No one has to know you are using WordPress. There is still one way to tell, but most people don’t think of it.


There are nasty people and entities out there who want to do malicious things to your web site for their own gain. ANY website can be hacked, but WordPress is the safest Content Management System (CMS) out there. Keep WordPress and your plugins updated for the latest in security. Minor updates come out from time to time to secure any vulnerabilities.

Our sites also include a premium security plugin that will lock your site down for an hour if more than four unsuccessful attempts are made to log in. (These numbers can be adjusted.) There are a number of other security measures than can be taken (and controlled) as well. While the site owner still has access to the theme settings, the theme and plugin editors are disabled. Many hacks are carried out through unused themes and plugins. We also provide secure, non-dictionary login credentials, and long, unique keys to help prevent security breaches. See our Security article.

Last but not least, we provide easy to follow training documents. WordPress is easy to use, but it helps to be shown where to begin. It also helps to have someone point out some of the features and choices you have. We all like to have choices, right? There will be so much at your fingertips, and it is so easy and fun to work with.

Benefit from our experience so you don’t have to spend a lot of money or spend months learning.

About the Author

Linda Carruth is an illustrator and designer who enjoys creating new art, amateur photography, and riding her motorcycle. Her professional work can be seen at her company site, lwwallace.com. Her motorcycle, humorous, and motivational designs are available at MadDashRiot.com, LinesByDesignBoutique.com, and at MadDashRocket.com. Home decor and fine art items can be purchased at Carruth Creative Art & Gifts and on Fine Art America.