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Pet Patter

Pet Patter is all about pet care, but concentrates on dogs and cats. Pet Patter features a custom header graphic [...]

Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging is a website that deals with a myriad of issues that older folks face. Boomer abound these days [...]

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief is a website that helps people find help with their allergy woes like simple common sense solutions, information [...]

Lose Weight

Lose Weight deals with weight loss issues and diet. This is a simple design with a custom header graphic. Lose [...]

Work From Home Opportunities

Work From Home Opportunities is a website based on the many ways one can work from home. This site has [...]

Coffee Pleasure

Coffee Pleasure is a website about all kinds of coffee and coffeemakers. It has a custom header graphic, an image [...]

Alternate Layouts Available

Our sites are quite versatile. Alternate layouts are available for the Basic Professional Site and the Amazon Niche Site. The [...]

Web Header Portfolio

Here are just a few headers done in the past. The last two were from an older, narrower format that [...]

Static to Blog Comparisons

The samples below show the before and after of six static HTML sites that were converted to WordPress sites. These [...]

Our Design Experience Shows

Design experience matters. If you want to have a website where users can find the information and products they are [...]

Responsive Design

When planning for a Web site, there is one major inescapable issue, and that is responsiveness. Perhaps you have heard [...]


There is nothing wrong with purchasing a ready-made site but sometimes it is hard to tell what you are really [...]

Who Benefits From Our Services?

Our custom designed blogs are perfect for all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more. This is not a [...]

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Web publishing platform, originally designed for bloggers, that is now a viable solution for many kinds of [...]

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an immensely functional platform that is search engine friendly (Google loves WordPress) and easy for non-techies to edit [...]