Several levels of customization are offered so you can choose how much or how little you need. Again, these are site setups that YOU can add to as needed, to keep your website fresh and up to date. And it’s easy to do.


Basic Site for Professionals, Consultants, and Small Business $247

Basic WordPress setup (on your hosted domain), includes:

  • Setup, without specific blog content
  • Responsive design, with 1040+ pixel width
  • Text header
  • Color scheme
  • Categories
  • Primary pages (About, Contact, Privacy Policy if needed, Self-updating Site Map)
  • Navigation menus (as needed)
  • Page Layout (various two- and three-column choices, or full page if preferred)
  • Premium plugins, as appropriate, with single site licenses*
  • Our user guide to help you navigate your new site!

* Which premium plugins are included can change from time to time. A current list is on our home page. Again, subject to change as needed or as available.

Here is a sample site (with content): Professional Site

See some alternate layouts HERE.

Keep in mind that with the Basic Professional Site, you can monetize the site with a Products category. An Amazon posting plugin is also included if desired. It is not added if you do not want it though. You would have to join the Amazon Associates Program, which is subject to their terms and location restrictions. See About Amazon below. It is not difficult to be accepted into affiliate programs.


Professionally Built Amazon Niche Site $347

  • Responsive design, with 1040+ pixel width
  • Text header
  • Color scheme
  • Categories
  • Primary pages (About, Contact, Privacy Policy (if needed), Self-updating Site Map)
  • Navigation menus (as needed)
  • Page Layout (various two- and three-column choices, or full page if preferred)
  • Articles (as available) and populated with Amazon posts to get started (you can always delete or change these). You need an Amazon ID. See About Amazon below.
  • Placeholders for advertising (to be replaced or removed)
  • Home page set up with up to six category areas, stacked or side-by-side**
  • Area below for recent posts
  • Premium plugins* (including Amazon posting plugin), single site licenses, and documentation as available
  • Our user guide to help you navigate your new site!

Here is a sample site: Niche Marketing Site

See some alternate layouts HERE. These are shown with the Professional site above, but can apply to the Amazon Niche site.

About Amazon

Joining the Amazon Associates Program is required in order to post Amazon products on your website, which is subject to their terms and location restrictions. You need a website to join the program. Some states are excluded because of individual state tax laws. Amazon does have international sites for affiliates outside the U.S. You can view their Associates Program Participation Requirements and their Associates Program Operating Agreement for more information. Your purchase of an Amazon Niche site assumes that you already have a valid Amazon ID. While there is no reason that one of our sites would not be acceptable for the Amazon Associates Program, we cannot guarantee acceptance.

Because Amazon’s exclusion regarding certain states is an ongoing, constantly changing situation, that information will not be updated here. However, the Amazon Associates FAQ page provides more information, even though other recent articles around the Web claim more states are excluded. Amazon’s FAQ should be helpful though.

If you like, you can purchase a website build populated with articles (as available), that you can use to apply to the Amazon Affiliate Program at a later time. Again, we make no guarantees on that, but one of our websites should be accepted without issue. With a proper website, you can also apply to Google AdSense to serve their ads. Make sure you read and comply with their guidelines.


Extra Items

These features can be added for an extra fee.

  • An image slider can be added to most sites, starting at $97
  • High end header graphic (with blog purchase) $175***
  • High end header graphic only (without blog purchase) $225***

See header graphic samples here.

More options may be available for an additional fee. We can also build sales pages and design web ads. Additional fees apply.


Small Business Site

This is a more custom option for a small business, factory, restaurant, etc. Because the amount and type of content can vary greatly, please call for a quote. We can discuss what is needed and go from there.

Here is a sample site: Small Business Website Lots of options available; this is just a sample.

Additional options discussed HERE, towards the bottom of the page.

A small business site can also be built similar to the Portfolio Site below. Generally, a large hero image is used and more content fills in as the user scrolls. This new trend in website design is an excellent option if promoting or showcasing a single product like software. Call to discuss as pricing will depend on the amount of content needed, etc. Generally, we do not offer self-editing capabilities with these sites; the learning curve is too steep. We can discuss though. These sites generally start at $447, although a very simple site could be less.

Modern framework-style websites start at $547. These also carry a steep learning curve, but they are very popular today. The Wallace Company site’s home page is an example. These home page fronts are generally connected to a traditional style blog, but with more capabilities. These sites can be simple or very complicated.


Portfolio Site

We can also do artist/designer/photographer Portfolio sites. Artwork can be staged/showcased or mocked up in most cases; see samples HERE. We have vast capabilities for this. Staging and mockups are priced on a per-image basis, depending on specific needs/wants, and is in addition to any website pricing. Website build pricing will assume that images come to us ready to use and already at specified sizes. Extensive image prep is subject to additional charges.

Portfolio sites have a different interface; our general user guide is included of course, but this type of site utilizes a multi-purpose theme with a beast of a learning curve. Since this is a newer offering, we do not have a specific user guide yet. We keep the structure simple and can help you with editing with a one-time consultation. Having someone show you how will make it easy, because the hard work has already been done for you, but being presented with this interface with no help can be very confusing when you go to add new art or photos. We create a template for you, within the admin area, so you can add artwork samples by changing the template. It works wells for portfolios. Once you have the hang of it, it’s 1-2-3.

We also have a new PinPost Portfolio offering. This one is structured with a brand new limited premium theme, but it is perfect for portfolios, and is super easy to add new art pieces. Step-by-step instructions can be provided with that one, so you can have a modern pinterest-style portfolio. See the Portfolio Websites link under Galleries on the right sidebar to see a sample. Pricing is different for each Portfolio site. Call to discuss, so everything is clear for you.


WordPress Conversion

  • From static HTML, starting at $647, depending on amount and type of content. Similar style and look, if desired. See examples HERE. Our user guide is included with purchase.
  • From existing WordPress, starting at $447, depending on changes required. Includes basic change of theme and restructuring the layout with a responsive theme. This does not include specific content changes or additions. This starting price is for a redo only, and your input on the existing structure will be needed, somewhat. Some themes require harvesting of content that is not suitable for restructure, and that can drive up the price. It depends; some themes are nearly impossible to work with, which is often the reason a redo is needed. Our user guide is included with purchase.


Remember, these are professionally designed sites that are USABLE and WORKABLE, unique to your needs, and functionally sound. Don’t waste your money on cheap sites that are virtually unworkable.


WordPress Help

Empty WordPress Syndrome. It happens. Perhaps you have a domain and hosting. And, suppose you have installed WordPress, and now you are lost! Don’t worry, help is available. The cost will depend on what and how much help is needed, anything from just some coaching to helping you get a great looking website put together, with content, that you can take over and have complete control. We cannot give a flat fee because it may be too much or too little for what you need. Coaching starts at $50. Call to discuss pricing.



The site is built on YOUR hosting, which must have a WordPress installation script (most do), and preferably cPanel. This is the most efficient option. Because a site like this uses a database, it cannot be built offline and uploaded, at least not for these purposes because that would entail more time and expense.

If you prefer another method, and you are familiar with the processes involved with moving a database-enabled website, we can discuss other options.

If you need help with domain and hosting, we can provide HANDS-OFF help. We will never have any rights to your domain or hosting, but we will need access to build your site, that is, only for building your website.


If we build a blog for you, you do not have the right to flip it (sell it) as is. You would have to change the theme. As we are the builder, our rights to use the premium theme extend to our client, and no further. Or, you could purchase the theme on your own and adhere to the license provided at that time. We can provide the necessary information IF that becomes necessary.

How to Purchase

Call or email. Options will be discussed at length so you can make an educated purchase. If you decide to go ahead, arrangements for payment will be made. We generally send a Paypal invoice for payment in advance. You do not have to have a Paypal account. We use Paypal because when you pay through Paypal, payment is made privately, without revealing any payment information (like credit or debit card info) to the seller (us). You can pay by credit card, debit card, money transfer, etc., or by cash if you do happen to have a Paypal account balance.

We want you to know what you are getting and if it will work for YOU, but once payment is made and verified, we get going and you get your website. Thusly, there will be no refunds for any reason. The only exception is if we are unable to build the site, through circumstances beyond our control (death, serious illness, etc.), as then a refund would be made in full. Because the work is done or finished on your hosting, payment must be made in full, and cleared, before any work begins. This is a time-consuming endeavor for us and involves extensive expertise, in addition to expensive licenses, software, and other assets we have purchased.

Please keep in mind that these are basic setups, built with your preferences in mind, for your purposes. Once built, YOU will run with it. There are lots of options available, but the options are not endless. We’ll do what we can to make you happy, but this is not a situation where there will be endless tweaking, or back and forth changes. (Some, sure.) This is not an all-custom situation. This is a way for you or your business to have a Web presence, that you can control, without costing thousands of dollars. If an all-custom job is needed, we will have to arrange for an hourly fee to be charged for building a site and making changes.

Email or call the L W Wallace Company at 1-216-459-8303. Ask for Linda. Email is preferable, then we can set up a time to talk on the phone.

Don’t wait too long, as our introductory prices have gone up and could go up again at any time, depending on time constraints and demand.


* Which premium plugins are included can change from time to time. A current list is on our home page. Again, subject to change as needed or as available.

** Allows your home page to be organized so you avoid that default “list” of posts where Amazon posts appear in one big jumble. Your site will look professional and organized, not cobbled together.

*** These are a steal at those prices, but when purchased with a blog site setup, a high end header graphic carries a $50 discount.