Alternate Layouts Available

Our sites are quite versatile. Alternate layouts are available for the Basic Professional Site and the Amazon Niche Site.

The two live samples show the following layouts:


This professional site has a 3-column layout with some features and articles on the left, content center, and general content navigation on the right. The post icons are a mixture of a default thumbnail image and some photo icons. The photo icons can be the same as or different from an image in the actual post. Or, you can have a post icon and no image in the post, or vice versa. The site header is a plain text version, and the text links back to the home page. High end headers (for an additional charge) can be viewed on our Web Header Portfolio page.



This marketing site has a 2-column layout where the content categories are shown side-by-side (up to six on the home page). This can also be set to have the content stacked. It all depends what you want. The posts with the matching thumbnails were created with the Amaz-One plugin (included) and the products with the products icons were created with the WP-Zon plugin (not currently included). The WP-Zon plugin is not included because the license extension would still require our customers to purchase the plugin. The header is a simple header graphic that links back to the home page.


Below we see some other 3-column layouts available for each of these sites. Two column layouts are available too, but not shown here.

nav left

This one is a 3-column layout that is the opposite of the live sample. Navigation is on the left, content center, with features and articles on the right.


side by side

Here we see a 3-column version with the categories side-by-side in the center (similar to the marketing site), with navigation right and then features and recent articles on the right. Notice how the stacked categories are narrower than with the same behavior on the 2-column layout (marketer aquarium site above). The icons are smaller, too.


center nav

These last two layouts provides something a little more unusual, but useful for some content. It depends what you want to emphasize. The navigation is in the center, features and articles left, with stacked content on the right. The content on the right could just as easily have been arranged side by side.


content left

This layout is the opposite of the one above. Stacked content is left, navigation center, features and article list right. The categories can be side-by-side as well, if desired.

Keep in mind too, that you can have different content in the navigation and feature columns. Categories can appear in the wider area and the narrower area can be reserved for skyscraper ads. It all depends on the content you have, what you want to emphasize, and what fits. The narrow column accommodates a 120 pixel width and the wide sidebar accommodates a 300 pixel width. Both are ideal for standard size web ads offered by Amazon, Google AdSense, Market Health, Clickbank, Chitika, Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, and other affiliate outlets.

Other options for ads include a 468×60 ad space above the main content that would either span the width of the side-by-side categories or the width of the stacked content + post icon content column. A 768×90 ad space is available above the page content, under the top navigation menus, and below the content, above the footer. The footer fits four widths; two 300 pixel columns and two 120 pixel columns.

Also note the color combinations in the top menu bars, between the professional and marketer samples. Along with the background under the “page”, the colors can be keyed to your overall color scheme.

Small Business Site Options

The Small Business Site shown below utilizes a home page that is organized to entice. The slider is included in the price, but this site starts at a higher price. The basic layout is three equal columns that can be any combination of content items that fit. It works best with image-and-blurb content or category widgets that list a set of related posts, with thumbnails. This site has one row of image-and-blurb content and beneath it, one row of category widgets, but you can have two or three rows of images or more rows of category widgets or other content entirely. These are actually three columns of stacked content, but when planned out with even content, it can look like rows. Only the home page has this appearance. The internal pages have a content area and a sidebar; more detailed options can be discussed. Even something simple like changing the background can give the site a whole different look.

small biz blue

This is a copy of the live sample, with that beautiful blue background. Trustworthy, but also inviting.


small biz marble

This Small Business Site alternative sports a mottled marble background. Elegant and light.

The footer on each sports a category widget with icons, a 300 pixel ad, a custom menu, and social media chiclets.

What would YOU like to see on YOUR website?

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