• Low cost
  • High value premium assets
  • Responsive for mobile
  • Google love
  • Scalable without further cost.
  • Easy to edit
  • Unique
  • Custom fit
  • Attractive
  • Organized
  • Secure*
  • Professional design
  • User guide included
  • Marketing guide included

*Nothing is totally secure. Nothing. Ever. Never forget that.

Features Provide Valuable Benefits

Lower cost means you save money over having a website built from the ground up. Traditional static websites cost thousands of dollars.

High value premium assets, like premium themes and plugins are included with your webstie. The total value of these items is more than what you are paying for your website!

Responsive design for websites means that the layout adjusts to different sized screens. Snag that money that is being left on the table. Shopping on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is the norm now for many users. You need a responsive website for mobile and tablet users.

Google love. Responsive design is also favored by Google. Google also requires a certain framework of pages to be considered a legitimate website. There are so many spammy websites out there, as well as amateurish websites that just look spammy, and these are usually de-indexed by Google. “Pinging” alerts aggregate sites when content is added or edited. Via a plugin, search engines are notified when content is added. All this takes place in the background (part of our setup) and you never have to touch anything.

Google loves WordPress for its organized structure and interactive capabilities. There is almost a “WordPress Wire” that makes these sites extra findable as they get indexed in search engines faster.

Scalable without further cost simply means that you can edit your site (add to, change, delete, etc.) yourself without paying someone else to do it. You can also have multiple contributors with different levels of capabilities.

Easy to edit because you log into a dashboard where writing posts or pages is like using a simple word processor. There are two environments; one for those who just want to type and one for those who prefer using a little code.

Each site is unique because it is custom fit to your needs, both in its attractive appearance and its organizated layout. An easy to use website means visitors will stay and will be more likely to purchase or contact you.

Security is a must. Okay, nothing is totally secure, but our sites are far more secure than any Content Management System (CMS) out-of-the-box. We take steps to thwart known hacking vulnerabilities.

These sites are designed by a seasoned professional with years of WordPress experience, not some guy who learned a little about WordPress over a weekend. If a website is cobbled together, don’t expect it to succeed.

Anything new can be scary at first. A user guide is included to help you personalize your site, add posts with images (if desired), add pages, create links, add new users, etc. It’s easy, but a helping hand can’t hurt, right?

Be found! Steps to get your marketing started are included in our user guide. With a little marketing, more potential customers will find you.